17% of Brits Think 'Pork Wings' is a Real Cut of Meat


Those are pork wings, right? Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A recent poll revealed that the British have some unusual views on meat. Specifically, that 17% of them think that 'pork wings', like 'chicken wings' is a real cut of meat. Now, the point of me mentioning this isn't to poke fun of Brits for their poor knowledge of butchery -- I doubt the percentage of Americans who hold the same belief would be so low -- rather, the poll indicates, once again, how removed we've all become from what we eat in industrialized nations.

Ecologist Rachel Shulman parses the report at Eat, Drink Better:

National Butchers' Week aims to help Brits learn more about the meat they eat. The poll surveyed 1000 adult meat-eaters on basic cuts of meat.

An alarming 17 percent thought that pork wings are an actual cut of meat.

Nearly twenty percent thought that tofu ribs and leg of liver were cuts of meat. As many as 23 percent thought that chicken chops or lamb drumsticks were something that you can buy from a butcher.

And the Telegraph spoke to Ed Beddington, the editor of Meat Trades Journal, about the findings of the poll: "The idea of flying bacon might seem appealing to some, but it's quite frightening how limited consumer knowledge on meat is. Despite the constant barrage of foodie-style television shows, we seem to be going backwards when it comes to basic food knowledge."

That's absolutely right -- as folks like Michael Pollan have tirelessly documented, we're seriously losing touch with what it is we're eating. Most of the food consumers in the developed world have ever even been to a working farm, seen a factory farm in operation, or much less killed or harvested their own food -- we tend to act as if our food just sprouts forth from the aisles of the supermarket. As a result, we end up with some pretty blurry notions of what it is we're eating. And it's this phenomenon that has allowed corporate food producers to conduct worse and worse practices at factory farms, for example. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

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