10 Ways to Ensure Healthy Food


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Excerpted from 10 Ways to Ensure Healthy Food for You and Your Family by Farm Aid.

1. Know Your Food
Ask questions to learn about how and where your food was produced.

2. Be an Active Food Shopper
Tell your local grocer and restaurants that you wan them to source their food from family farmers—and support those that do!

3. Ensure That Your Food Dollars Support Family Farmers
Buy from family farmers directly and look for family farm-identified food at the grocery store.4. Get to Know a Family Farmer
Plan a family visit to a nearby farm to learn about how food is produced.

5. Teach Children How to Grow Food
Plant a vegetable garden with children, and help them plan and prepare a meal.

6. Bring Food and Farm Issues to Your Community
Organize a neighborhood gathering and invite a family farmer to discuss the benefits of local, sustainable food production.

7. Strengthen Local Support for Farmers
Ask your office cafeteria, public schools, colleges, hospitals, and nursing homes to buy from local farmers.

8. Get Involved in Grassroots Efforts
Form or join a citizen's group that opposes industrial agriculture and works to strengthen family farm agriculture.

9. Demand Democracy in Our Food System
Your voice counts! Hold elected leaders accountable to your demands for safe and healthful food. stop agribusiness from determining our farm and food policies.

10. Become a Food and Farm Activist
Farm Aid works to keep family farmers on their land, producing fresh, healthful food for everyone. Our goal is to help spread the word that family farmers are a necessary part of the future we all want—a future with safe, high-quality food.

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10 Ways to Ensure Healthy Food
Excerpted from 10 Ways to Ensure Healthy Food for You and Your Family by Farm Aid.