10 Toothpaste Tips: Spring Cleaning With Tom's of Maine

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Cleans, defogs, and good for bug bites, too. Photo by Jonas B via Flickr

Brushing your teeth with triclosan-free toothpaste is the way to keep your smile clean, your body safe, water drains less toxic, and frogs alive. Tom's of Maine is one to choose, and it's coming out with a couple new "Wicked Fresh!" toothpastes which also reduce VSCs (volatile sulfuric compounds) - germs that cause bad breath. They're minty with a touch of licorice extract to do the trick. But cleaning your teeth isn't all you can do with toothpaste.

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It's officially spring and time to clear out and scrub down. Baking soda, distilled vinegar and toothpaste are about all you need to scour the house. I tried it on a nasty stain on the kitchen counter and it whitened and brightened the spot. The pumice in toothpaste is sufficient but not too abrasive for many jobs. Entire lines of green cleaning supplies are excellent alternatives to toxic-laden conventional products. But if old-fashioned dental polish works on pearly whites, it can help out with the tub, too.

And it's not just for teeth and home, it works on the body, too. Try these unexpected toothpaste cures:

1. Eliminate odors. Rub hands and fingernails with toothpaste to remove garlic, fish, onion, and other smelly food scents--especially with "Wicked Fresh."

2. Remove stains. Try it on clothing and carpets. Rub briskly and wash or rinse as usual. Tea stains on cups, too. (Be careful of bleaching color fabrics with whitening toothpastes.)

3. Spruce up dirty shoes. Works on scuffed-up running shoes. Apply to area, rinse and wipe clean.

4. Remove crayon stains from walls. Rub a damp cloth with toothpaste and gently work off the waxy marked wall.

5. Spackle nail holes in a wall in lieu of plaster.

6. Clean tile grout and shower runners. Remove build-up with recycled old toothbrushes and paste and rinse with vinegar.

7. Return shine to jewelry and silver. Rub toothpaste onto jewelry or silver pieces and let stand overnight. Wipe off with a soft cloth the next day. Returns sparkle to (conflict-free) diamonds, too. Rinse thoroughly.

8. Brighten fingernails. Add a bit of toothpaste to a fingernail brush and brush under and atop of nails. Should shine them up nicely.

9. Defog goggles. Swimmers and scuba diving masks stop fogging up with a small dot of toothpaste rubbed onto goggle lenses. Avoid scrubbing hard and scratching surfaces.

10. Relieve bug bites, sunburn, blisters, and blemishes. Apply a dollop to insect stings and skin irritations that cause itching. Also, can help dry wounds and help aids healing. Cools burns. Dab a little dot of paste to zit before bedtime. (Be careful with sensitive facial skin. Test first.)

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