Green Cities Report Published

Los Angeles is trying to green up itself. (Photo: Daniel Knott [CC BY ND-2.0]/Flickr)

One of the goals of the Living Cities organization is to revitalize urban centers across the country. The organization has just released its newest report on urban centers, Green Cities: How Urban Sustainability Efforts Can and Must Drive America’s Climate Change Policies (PDF).

The report looks at green building, green jobs and transportation and how they will need to change in order to help the country’s urban centers lead the nation to a green economy. However, this report isn’t just geared towards having the middle- and higher-income urban dwellers be a part of this change but having the low-income individuals take advantage of the programs for change as well.

In the report’s introduction, Ben Hecht, president & CEO of Living Cities says, “We are also supporting some of the first large-scale attempts to develop green jobs training programs for low-income and low-skilled populations by extending grants and planning support to six cities.” Source: Green Cities (PDF)

The report ends with several recommendations including building retrofits, reengineering the workforce and reorienting real estate markets to take advantage of public transit options.

Read the entire report: Green Cities (PDF).