40 Green Business Tips

Fax machines have uses these days, but they're limited ones. (Photo: Abhisek Sarda/Flickr)

I am a big fan of The Green Girls blog; yesterday blogger MonicaF created a list of 40 eco-friendly changes that businesses can make. Each of these changes is a step towards a more sustainable business and most of the changes are low-cost and low-hassle.

My favorite item on the list is replacing reference books with Google. As a self-professed Google aficionado, I think that this is a great suggestion. Anytime I have a question about something, I load up Google. Granted, you have to be able to weed through inaccurate or sensationalized information when using Google as a reference tool but you’ll quickly get the hang of it.

There are several green office ideas listed including ditching the traditional land line and fax machine for a service like Ring Central which delivers voice mails to your email inbox and uses an e-fax program.

MonicaF has also included a few unique green finance suggestions, bartering instead of credit and social lending instead of the high interest rates associated with traditional lending. I know of many small businesses that have gotten off the ground through bartering services – if you create a logo for my company, I can write content for your site. Little things like that quickly add up to financial savings and lead to sustainability.

For the entire list, head on over to The Green Girls blog – How to Go Green: 40 Tips on Greening Your Business.