On MNN: Aging suburbs, the trough of disillusionment and being wrong about everything

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I have been writing over on MNN about technology, the smart house, wearables and boomer stuff. Here are some recent posts that might interest TreeHuggers:

Why your next computer should be a desktop

Three years ago, when I bought my new fancy Apple Macbook, I wrote that the desktop was dead.

It seems now that the notebook is the new desktop and the phone is the new notebook and the cloud is the new file cabinet and everything is just smaller, lighter more portable and easier to use.

Now looking back, I think I was probably wrong; desktops make a lot of sense these days. More on MNN

It won't be pretty when boomers lose their cars

Joyce's houseGoogle street view of my late mother-in-law's house/via

After reading Jane Gould's wonderful Aging in Suburbia, I wrote about how I agreed with her, that the boomer generation is not prepared. Wow, did that generate a lot of comments in MNN's facebook page demanding that it be retracted, writing "what a load of tripe! where does the author come off saying "most boomers" have no thoughts or plans about when they can no longer get around easily?" and others that are much worse. Either a lot of people are in denial about this or I am wrong again. More in MNN.

What's at 'the peak of inflated expectations' now?

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In which I find that all those things I have been writing about for years on TreeHugger, like 3D printing, are sliding down into the trough of disillusionment while those hot topics of today, the self driving car and the Internet of Things, are nothing more than ideas at the peak of inflated expectations. I didn't even see wearables start their inexorable slide. Wrong again. More in MNN

Is Amazon really so evil?

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All the webs are all over the New York Times article about working at Amazon's office, how cut-throat and horrible it is. I tried to relate it to the work of Frederick Winslow Taylor with his stopwatch, comparing Bezoism to Taylorism. I have no doubt everyone will say I am wrong here too. More on MNN.

On MNN: Aging suburbs, the trough of disillusionment and being wrong about everything
And a look at Amazon's office morale.

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