Baby Boomers have the biggest carbon footprints

In a dreadfully titled article, Why Is Gaia Angry With Me? Eric Nagourney writes that even environmentally concerned boomers have a huge carbon footprint.

In a study in 2011, Emilio Zagheni, a demographer then working at the Max Planck Institute in Germany, looked at nine energy-intensive categories of activity, among them electricity and gas use and air travel. He found that as people age, they are responsible for more carbon dioxide emissions because they drive more, for example, and use more electricity. With their income generally higher, the study found, middle-age people were also more likely to take trips.

One could go on about the offensive boomer stereotypes about Grateful Dead t-shirts and how this will soon change- " Why ski at Vail when you can hang out in a urologist’s waiting room?" but some worthwhile content in the New York Times

Baby Boomers have the biggest carbon footprints
They have the most money and they spend it on driving and air travel.

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