Green Baby Steps: Nokia's 3110 Evolve

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In what could be a move to get back in Greenpeace's good graces, Nokia has unveiled its 3110 Evolve, a new phone that Nokia has "evolved" into a greener machine. With "bio-covers" (plastic?) made from more than 50% renewable material, smaller packaging made of 60% recycled content and including Nokia's most energy efficient charger yet, using 94% less energy than the Energy Star requirements.

Add that to Nokia's energy-saving alerts, and it appears that the company is making some incremental, baby-step changes (no, not that kind of baby step) to getting greener. With the average life span of a cell phone around 18 months (which adds up to 130 million added to the waste stream each year), it can be difficult to think of the portable talkies as "green." But since nobody is going back to the pre-cell-phone Stone Age anytime soon, let's keep those green baby steps coming.::Nokia via ::Hippyshopper and ::Gizmodo