Zero Thick: When The Package Is Also The Product

Why is it, that manufacturers of jam, fruit juice and wine can sell products cheaply and still be able to package their products in glass containers? If glass can be manufactured so cheaply then why should we ever spend more than a quarter on a glass coffee mug or glass storage container? And last week when we bought a new backpack for one of our laptops, the salesperson wanted to wrap it in a plastic bag. A bag in a bag, how ridiculous is that? A couple of Israeli designers, though a step away from making a product we really love, certainly have their design eyes pointed in the right direction. Their packaging concept "Zero Thick" turns the package into the product. Prototypes include packaging for candles, which turns into the candlestick holders, or packaging for pencils which is also made into a sharpener. Israeli's seem to like the idea of multi-functionality (see previous post on Spin here). ::Zero Thick