YUPO: Synthetic Paper

YUPO is a synthetic paper which was originally developed in Japan, is produced in Chesapeake, Virginia in the U.S. The company touts the eco-effectiveness of YUPO, saying that synthetic paper enters the waste stream at a far slower rate than conventional paper. They point out that, since it is polypropylene (PP) plastic film, it is fully recyclable. They also have some clean manufacturing processes in place, here is their full environmental statement. Some of you might remember that the Cradle to Cradle book by William McDonough and Michael Braungart was printed on a similar type of plastic paper.If probably recycled or "upcycled", I can see the potential for such a product, but the question has to asked if we should be moving away from conventional plastic products altogether, and putting emphasis on biodegradable plastics or even less energy-intensive substitutes. :: YUPO