Yemm & Hart Green Materials — Recycled sheeting.


Yemm & Hart have been producing and marketing 100% recycled building materials since the mid 1990´s. They seem to be the american equivalent of the UK´s Smile Plastics, although as well as plastics they also make tyre veneer and are presently trying to encourage people to collect and send them their used bottle corks so they can start producing recycled cork sheeting. Their plastic sheeting includes the colourful Origins range, using recycled polythylene, and Flexisurf which is made from recycled PVC plastic with Polyester strands. Usually when two plastics are combined like this in one material it is very difficult to separate them for recycling, but Flexisurf is created by granulating the PVC material and feeding it through a sheet extruder adding colour pigment. Originally conceived as industrial flooring, Flexisurf is gradually being used for more domestic products such as mouse pads, nonslip treads, cutting boards and table surfaces. It is an incredibly durable material for a variety of uses indoor or out. Yemm & Hart also specialisein producing partions for washrooms. To discover their range of colours and finishes in their recycled materials and to see examples of how they´ve been used to date go to:
Yemm & Hart Green Materials, 1417 Madison 308, Marquand, Mo 63655-9153 USA tel: 5737835434
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