WWII anti-aircraft bunker is turned into energy center

energy bunker
© IBA Hamburg via Designboom

Three years ago Jerry visited the WWII era giant LEGO bunker that was being transformed into a gallery and power plant. Now this remarkable example of adaptive reuse is complete, and Designboom shows it in all its glory.

The walls are over ten feet thick, and the ceiling over 13 feet, so the shell survived a controlled demolition by the British army in 1947, and its interior has been turned into a memorial, a gallery and a restaurant.

But it also includes an energy centre that will generate heat and electricity for the surrounding neighbourhood. Beside the photovoltaics on the roof, there is a tank that can hold half a million gallons of water, heated by a biomethane-fired combined heat and power unit, a wood combustion system, and a solar thermal unit, as well as the waste heat from an industrial plant, with enough output to supply the heating needs of 3000 homes and the electricity needs for about a thousand. So now they can hunker in a toasty warm bunker.

More on the project at IBA-Hamburg and more images on Designboom.

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