Wretched Excess or Clever Design? Apartment tower with car elevators is definitely the former.

car arriving
© Hamilton Scotts via Designboom

Two and a half years ago, when we first covered this then proposed building in Singapore that had elevators delivering Maseratis to the apartments on each floor, I titled the post Wretched Excess or Clever Design? Apartment Tower With Car Elevators Is A Bit Of Both I thought it might actually be greener and cheaper than an underground garage; After all, parking garages are expensive and time consuming to excavate and build, and the ramps and circulation spaces take up as much space as the actual parking. I also thought of the convenience of getting your groceries to your apartment.

Now it is built, and Designboom shows a video of the process of driving your Lamborghini up to the building and entering the elevator. But it isn't like a regular elevator; the driver actually has to get out and take a separate passenger elevator, which kind of wrecks the charm of driving to your apartment. The mechanism seems incredibly complex, turning the car and sliding the car into its place.

living room with Lamborghini© Hamilton Scotts via Designboom

Finally Mr. Lamborghini gets to sit down in his pokey living room, much smaller than his garage, and look at his cars through the heavy glass;

Hamitlon Scots tower Hamilton Scotts/Promo image

In the marketing renderings it was all much more transparent. The furniture was a lot nicer in the rendering too. It's almost deceptive advertising.

In the end, it's clear that the cost and complexity of that elevator clearly puts it in the wretched excess category, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

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