Woody35 Cabin: 350 Square Feet Never Felt So Big

norway cabin exterior© Marianne Borge

35 square meters, about 350 square feet, is not a lot of space. But Marianne Borge has thought it out carefully, and packs a lot in: " large living room with fireplace, dining area, kitchen, spacious bedrooms, loft, outdoor shower" and an interior bathroom.

woody 35 view to water© Ivan Brody with Permission from Marianne Borge
The designer writes:
Durable and sustainable design is the starting point for Woody35 – a very space efficient cabin of 35m2
in maintenance-free wood materials. The various room solutions keep an unobstructed contact between indoors and outdoors, enhanced by big glass sliding doors that provide ample of light to enter and give a clear view out.

woody 35 fireplace© Marianne Borge

Woody35 is the prototype for a line of cabins:

The double height in the living room gives a generous feeling of space, as well as a loft-room. All products in the cabin have been selected with care and with focus on sustainable solutions. The cabin is delivered on a turnkey basis.

woody 35 side© Ivan Brody with Permission from Marianne Borge

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Woody35 Cabin: 350 Square Feet Never Felt So Big
The Tardis of Cabins, it feels so much bigger than it is

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