This is the wildest market you've ever seen

Market exterior
© ossip van duivenbode via Designboom

Really, who would even think of doing this? In North America, if a municipality proposes a nice amenity like a new market, it will be in a tent if it happens at all. (Toronto's new market is delayed because "We’re in a fiscal environment where protection of the public purse is very important" so they are value-engineering it to death). But not in Rotterdam, where MVRDV have just completed this giant arch of apartments overlooking a vast public market.

According to Designboom,

The market hall contains 96 fresh food stalls and shop units, representing both local and internationally based vendors and producers. The diverse cuisine spread ranges from, ‘fresh fish to game, from cappuccino to cheese, from chinese to dutch, from ice cream to local produce, from bargains to exclusive slow food.’

I want that penthouse with the windows in the floor. Lots more images on Designboom.

This is the wildest market you've ever seen
MVRDV builds hallucinogenic apartment building that bends over food market

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