Wicanders, Lush Cork Flooring from Portugal


Last week, TH Blog Love introduced Wicanders as ‘the specialist in cork flooring, who have a fantastic range of beautiful cork finishes that have nothing to do with the hippy-dotted floorboards from the 80ies’, as seen on the R3project. This gorgeous cork flooring deserves some more of our attention as we believe it stands for a great example of how an eco-material can be re-invented as a stylish product.
Cork is one of the ultimate sustainable materials, harvested without having to cut down the trees (only the bark is used), 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable.
Definite benefits that cork can give your floor, is that it reduces sound, works as a thermal insulator (less need for heating and cooling) and is shock absorbent. The elasticity of the material lets it regain its shape time after time so that it’s not just comfortable but also durable to walk on, whether high-heeled or not. The Wicanders cork floors, grown and produced in Portugal, have combined this natural material with a bit of technology and created the Xtreme WRT varnish to make the floor scratch- and spot-proof as well as easy to look after without loosing its natural feel. The varnish consists of several coatings such as ceramic layers, a sand sealer, genuine cork veneer and a flexible and insulating cork layer, repeated as underlay. The middle bit of the floor boards consist of High Density Fibreboard (made from cardboard) fitted with a click system for easy and fast installation. The click system locks one floorboard to the other and eliminates the need for glues or plastic floor lining. Different types of floors are available for domestic and commercial use. Most characteristically about the Wicanders floors are the collections of different patterns, textures and colours (from white to dark brown or reddish) that suggest an elegant and timeless new aesthetic to cork floors. Via ::R3project ::Wicanders

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