Watch Lloyd Alter talk about Passivhaus in Portugal

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I couldn't go there because of carbon and costs, so I phoned it in.

There was a Passivhaus conference in Aviero, Portugal, recently;

The 5th Passivhaus Portugal Conference 2017 occurred on the 28th and 29th November at the Cultural and Congress Centre of Aveiro. In the first day 70 participants attended two Passive House workshops and in the last day 250 participants attended the conference thematic sessions. The exhibition of Passive House products and solutions took place on both days with the participation of more than 40 companies.

It had a fascinating program -- not just the usual subjects, but a look at the future integration of houses and electric cars, the role of architecture in building performance, and my favorite, what will the building of the future look like?

The future we wantElon Musk announcing solar shingles/Video screen capture

I was invited to speak but to save money and carbon, I phoned it in, a videoed slideshow. I had a lot to cover, and started with Elon Musk's vision of "The Future We Want" -- solar shingles on suburban houses with two Teslas and a big battery in the garage.

wooden house aspernLloyd Alter/CC BY 2.0

I suggested that we should be pushing for The Future We Need and the one that I want, where people have affordable housing built at a reasonable density, which can support good transit, biking and walking as the primary means of transportation; the Musk vision doesn't scale. More: Ben Carson would not approve of Vienna's social housing; it's too nice

seating in car© "This is definitely nicer than a black Italian leather sofa"

I continue with a discussion of the future we might get, where cars aren't just plugged into houses but in fact become part of our houses or even become our houses, getting plugged into frames when we want to stay in one place. Sort of a giant vertical trailer park. More: The car of the future will be in the living room of the house of the future

I then talk about my dream house -- passive, solid wood, healthy materials, built on stilts. More: How to build a healthy home, extreme dream edition

Finally, I go into how the house of the future might well be like the houses of the past, designed by Mies and Corb and Neutra and Chareau to be healthy and minimal, to deal with the coming antibiotic crisis. I perhaps go on too long with this. More on this: Antibiotic resistance will change the way we live

By all accounts, the conference was a big success, and another speaker concluded that "the future we want is in our hands." Watch my lecture here:

portugal-passive-1080p from Lloyd Alter on Vimeo.

Watch Lloyd Alter talk about Passivhaus in Portugal
I couldn't go there because of carbon and costs, so I phoned it in.

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