Watch a green roof get installed on New York's Barclay Center

green roof barclay center
Screen capture Green roof on Barclay center

Our friends at the Architects Newsletter got an exclusive tour of the new green sedum roof being installed on the controversial Barclays Center in Brooklyn, which does not answer the question I asked last year: Is the new Barclay Center green roof really green or greenwash?

Barclays Center Green Roof from Architect's Newspaper on Vimeo.

It's a totally crazy expensive green roof; originally the building was supposed to have one, which they cancelled during the dreaded value management exercise to reduce costs. They also took out the extra structural capacity needed to support the green roof, so now they are forced to build 130,000 square feet of new steel structure to support it,

trusses over roofTrusses above existing roof/Screen capture

Massive trusses and decking seen in the screenshot here. As I noted in the earlier post, questioning the environmental benefits of this particular green roof,

The carbon footprint and embodied energy of so much steel far outweighs the environmental benefits of any green roof, let alone this one. The whole thing, from start to finish is a multimillion dollar environmental negative.

But it will look better and it will help stop the noise annoying the neighbors, so that's a positive.

Watch a green roof get installed on New York's Barclay Center
It may be the most expensive and useless green roof ever built

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