Wall of Planters Shades And Ventilates House; A New Kind of Living Wall

When I first saw this house in Ho Chi Minh CIty on Homedit, I had no idea how tall it was and thought it was huge. But it's not; those aren't balconies, they are planters, which do a wonderful job of shading the house, allowing for cross ventilation, providing privacy and acting as vertical planters.

Homedit calls it a "Tube House", evidently a style of very narrow, very deep houses that have been around since the 1400s.

Designed by Vo Trong Nghia for a warm climate, some of the walls are not enclosed at all, the planters and plants are the wall. Other areas have folding doors in front. What a good idea, it serves so many functions at once. A living wall without the high tech, where you can plant just about anything. More images at Vo Trong Nghia">Homedit.

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