Visor Wood Safe Treated Lumber

You may not be aware, but every day, we expose ourselves, our pets, and our children to heavy metal toxins like copper, arsenic, and chromium. We do it when we go to the playground, work in our yards, or lay out in the sun on our decks. The culprit is pressure treated lumber; treatment with Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA) makes it resistant to rot and insects, but also leaves toxins on hands, and in the soil and air when the wood is burned. Luckily, you can kick this ugly stuff in favor of a safe, beautiful treated wood alternative...Wood Polymer Technologies has developed a lumber treatment which produces super durable wood which is environmentally benign. Their Visor and Kebony wood treatments utilize a process of heat and pressure which polymerizes a chemical complex derived from sugar cane into the wood fibers. This transforms porous, low-durability woods like pine, birch, and maple into highly moisture and rot resistant woods comparable to Teak, Iroko or other expensive tropical hardwoods.

By applying their process to fast growing temperate woods like birch and pine, WPT's technology has the potential to reduce rainforest logging, and more importantly, keeps more of the forest economy local, in order to reduce wasteful international shipping of raw lumber. Best of all, unlike CCA treated wood which has a greenish tinge, Visor and Kebony are rich natural browns, and can be cut, sanded, and even burned without special precautions. If you decide to work with this great material, make sure the production facility is as close to you as possible to reduce both the monetary and environmental shipping cost.
:: Visor Wood by WPT [by DM]