Vintage Wine Barrels Refashioned As Flooring: Fontenay Woods

Images: Fontenay Woods

From bottles to corks, there's a dizzying array of possibilities when it comes to reusing wine-related products, and now you can add reclaimed wine barrels to the list. Though some companies shave off the top layers in an attempt to reuse barrels, the wine-making quality of such barrels is not always consistent. Afterward, at first glance these old barrels may not do much except hold some plants, but that's why we like Fontenay Woods' tasteful solution to reincarnate them as upscale flooring.Wine can be fermented in a number of materials, from ceramic to terracotta, but typically it's fermented in wooden barrels (usually oak) which impart certain flavours to it. However, oak barrels costly and have a short lifespan, with new French oak barrels costing up to a grand and lasting about a decade before they can no longer do the job. That's a lot of barrels going out of commission every year.


Fontenay Woods offers no less than three specialized lines re-milled from three different parts of the barrel. Their "Cooperage" collection pictured above (named after the facilities where casks are made) is made from barrel heads, allowing the original stamps and markings to be displayed again prominently, but in a new configuration.



Stained by the memories of wine aging slowly, the "Wine Infusion" collection is wood that comes from the inside of the barrel - bound to give any floor a colourful character.


The "Stave" collection of flooring comes from the outer sides of the barrel, retaining all the unique patternings of the hoops once holding the barrels together. Either one of these three classy collections are bound to make some eco-conscious wine lovers out there even happier.

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