Victorian Terrace Becomes Energy-Efficient House of the Future

Victorian terrace house of the future photoFully Charged/Video screen capture

From exploring how smart meters transform our relationship to energy, through farming the wind, to talking about his own solar-powered car charging, Robert Llewellyn has long since shifted from just talking about electric cars, and instead has begun to explore the entire gamut of our rapidly shifting energy paradigm.

here, Llewellyn visits a demonstration project at the BRE Innovation Park which has transformed a Victorian terrace into a super-efficient home.

From better insulation and smart meters through solar panels and voltage optimizers to electric car charging, there are lots of innovations here that will be familiar to TreeHuggers. But as is so often the case, it's in how they are put together—and how they are combined with better, more user-friendly control systems (including remote energy management) that really starts to feel like an entirely different approach to energy. Now how do we make homes like this the norm, not the exception?

Victorian Terrace Becomes Energy-Efficient House of the Future
An experimental project turns a typical English, Victorian house into a high-tech energy efficient home.

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