Update On Sky City One: Tower in China Is Taller, Greener, Faster, Cheaper

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Sky City One, the 220 storey building proposed by Broad Sustainable Building, is everywhere these days. We did a big slideshow of it in January, but an architect with Broad tells us that there have been some changes since then. Daniel Zhang brings us up to date.

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Some of the features I really liked, such as the 8 mile long ramp, have been deleted in favor of a simpler plan. But the building will still be 220 storeys tall and will contain 1 million square meters of floor space (10 763 910 Square feet), built from about 200,000 tons of steel and containing 104 elevators.

The building will be mostly residential, but will also have a hotel, school, hospital, shops and restaurants.

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Sky City will work in close collaboration with architects and engineers of the Burj Khalifa and utilize BSB modular technology, an construction method which features 95% factory prefabrication at a five story per day construction speed.

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The building will be able to resist a magnitude 9 earthquake (and is being built in a zone where the design standard is Magnitude 6), thanks to the "trapezoidal pyramid solid structure." Fire rating on steel will be three hours, with 10 fire escapes that allow 15 minute evacuation.

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Broad's main business was air conditioning equipment; we have covered them for years as they were world leaders in the hunt for solar powered absorption chillers. So it is no surprise that the mechanical systems are sophisticated and green.

Environmental Protection

1) Energy saving: Unique technologies from Broad offer five times higher energy-saving than that of conventional buildings. Our BROAD unique technologies include a 15 cm thermal insulation, 4-paned windows, fresh air heat recovery, non-electric air conditioning, cooling-heating-power system and more.

2) Electricity saving: Electricity consumption is six times less than that of conventional buildings by using technology such as LED lighting and auto power- generated lifts.

3) Land saving: 5~10 times less land due to increased building height and decreased traffic.

4) Purer air: with BROAD unique fresh air machining this project offers 20 times purer air than outdoor air. BROAD technologies feature a 3-stage air purification, 7 times/h air exchange and 100% fresh air eliminating cross contamination.

Sky City One© Broad Sustainable Building

Sky City offers a multitude of benefits towards urbanization, sustainable research and the corporate aspirations of BROAD....Sky City strives for energy, material, water and land conservation. Based upon practical building methods, our objective is to promote a high quality of life through lively urban design.

The prevailing wisdom is that high density living is the most energy efficient, and it doesn't get much higher than this. Build it properly, with energy efficient skins and equipment, and on a per capita basis this just might be the most efficient residential building ever. Broad has also demonstrated how you can make prefabrication really work for what we always claimed it would do: deliver quality housing faster and at lower costs. This is getting very interesting.

New renderings to follow soon.

Update On Sky City One: Tower in China Is Taller, Greener, Faster, Cheaper
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