Fisherman's home turned into ultra-modern 753 sq. ft. transformer apartment (Video)

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With smaller spaces becoming increasingly necessary in dense urban areas, it's always inspiring to see how others get creative with tiny apartments, whether it's architects or anthropology professors in New York City, to this LEGO-inspired home in Barcelona's up-and-coming El Born district.

This other stunning example in Barcelona's hip Born quarter takes its ultra-modern design ideas from the economic, efficient character of boats, and is a renovated, 753 square-foot apartment in a 17th-century building that once belonged to an old fisherman.

Not only does it pack in two bedrooms, two full bathrooms, kitchen and living room, there are cool sliding walls, there's a few surprises too: a floating shower, a bathtub hidden under the floor and a secret garden. The spaces are conceived of as versatile, transforming cubes, as you can see in the video from Fair Companies.

It's really an impressive space that is very adaptable, whether it's for a couple or a growing family. All the available space is used: from the underground bathtub to the tucked-away garden and light well to hang clothes. It's clear too that the designers were diligent in preserving the existing Catalan vaults, old beams and mud bricks, all now juxtaposed with modern sensibilities.

Fair CompaniesFair Companies/Video screen capture

Fair CompaniesFair Companies/Video screen capture

If you're in the neighbourhood and want to see it for yourself, then it's for rent, for up to five people. Check out more over at Fair Companies and Rent Style Apartment.

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