Two projects show shipping containers at their best

Regular readers will know that we occasionally have some skepticism about shipping container architecture, but Designboom recently showed two projects that show the dirty bashed up old steel boxes at their best. In Sion, Switzerland, Savioz Fabrizzi have built a music venue inside an existing warehouse. It has a 300 seat concert hall, rehearsal space and dressing rooms.

theater interior© Thierry Sermier via Designboom

Being made out of shipping containers, it will take any abuse those musicians can dish out.

The architects sought to take advantage of shipping containers’ beneficial characteristics. Standardized dimensions allow the units to be readily stacked, while the inherent resistance of the large steel boxes protects against vandalism and other forms of incidental damage. The modular nature of the design ensures that the scheme can easily be added to, or subtracted from, allowing a large degree of flexibility throughout the process.

meeting rooms© Thierry Sermier via Designboom

Now that's where shipping container architecture really makes sense. More images on Designboom.

superiscopio© Pedro Barata via Designboom

In Santa Lagoa, Brazil, pedro barata & architectural associates have turned a shipping container on its end and turned it into a giant periscope. It appears to be installed next to a larger container project, for which there isn't any information. But the periscope is fun.

looking into persicope© Pedro Barata via Designboom

Deemed ‘Superiscópio’, the structure is the physical representation of a two part concept with both global and local considerations. Globally, it functions as an homage, and continuation, of the container’s growing popularity as a prop within the architectural community. On the other hand, for the people who are lucky enough to see ‘superiscópio’ in person, it offers a birds’ eye view above the urban infrastructure, enabling a welcome glimpse of the nearby Santa Lagoa (holy lake) after which the Brazilian city was named.

More images on Designboom.

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