Tuka Bambú and Quick Bamboo — Importing to Europe


If we were to do a survey of Treehugger’s favourite sustainable materials (which actually might not be a bad idea, boss!) I would put a pretty hefty bet on Bamboo being close to, if not at the top of the list. Natural, strong, sustainable, versatile and toxin free, the only downer is that it is rare to find local bamboo to use as a building material rather than just as a garden plant. Usually bamboo is shipped from the east, where it grows in abundance and is harvested regularly. So while we wait to find local suppliers of bamboo in Europe or the Sates, (please inform us if you know of any), it is as well to tell you about those who are doing a good job of bringing it to us. FK Importation is a Barcelona based business which is focused on importing ecological and sustainable products.They say:

We are entrepreneurs but are conscious of the damage uncontrolled industry can do to the earth. We knew that we could create a profitable business without the devastation of forests ….Our respect for the environment means we look for ecological alternatives.
The main alternative is bamboo of course and FK Importation is currently selling bamboo under two different brands. One is Tuka Bambú which provides bamboo laminate for flooring, walls, work surfaces, and furniture making. The other is Quick Bamboo which is a new method of flooring using ‘teeth’ to link the panels together. We particularly like this efficient system which is remarkably fast to assemble. It needs no glue and is a ‘floating installation’ meaning that it is fully removable and can be packed up along with the rest of your furniture when you move house. ::Tuka Bambú ::Quick Bamboo ::FK Importation
[Leonora & Petz]