Tribe Studio designs atrium around hanging bikes

hanging bike in atrium
© Katherine Lu

We have shown many ways to hang a bike on a wall and even an occasional way to hang your bike from a ceiling, but Australia's Tribe Studio tops them all with this atrium designed to store bikes in the sky. No bikes on the wall in this house; the studio tells Dezeen: "The bike pulley system into the void was Tribe's idea, the drive was to keep the walls free."

bike in void© Katherine Lu

The house was designed for an environmental scientist, an artist and their family, so the bikes are a big deal in their lives. "The client's brief was a low-energy family home with space for their art and bikes that they use daily."

bikes above!© Katherine Lu

I personally would have thought that someone who used their bike daily might not want to drag it through the house and haul it up to the ceiling, particularly if it had been raining. However then they would miss the "beautiful array of shadows across the space" cast by the bikes.

dining room has a very neat long counter© Katherine Lu

Another neat and unusual detail is the concrete kitchen counter that runs the length of the house and then turns into stairs at the end. More photos and info on Dezeen and at Tribe Studio

Tribe Studio designs atrium around hanging bikes
Here is yet another way to store your bike, in a house in Sydney by Tribe Studio.

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