Trestlewood Reclaimed Lumber

If you've spent any time driving through the American West, you've seen the hundreds of railroad trestles spanning the valleys and ravines of those mountainous states. Of course, the bulk of those rail lines were built during the mining and lumber booms at the beginning of the century, and are now sitting derelict. Thanks to the efforts of Trestlewood Lumber, you can have a piece of that history in your home. They carefully tear down trestles and warehouses which have passed their safe lifetime. Then, they re-mill the lumber into beautiful floors and roof beams full of character. They offer white and yellow pine and fir timber, and the colors of the wood are the unique product of a hundred years of summer heat, soaking in saltwater, or being stained by iron nails -- truly unmatched in new wood.
:: Trestlewood Reclaimed Timber [by DM]