Trend Watch: End Times For Journalism - Terminix Selling Newsprint Insulation Treated With Pesticide

newspaper survivor image

"Despite the apocalypse, newspapers will refuse to die." Image credit:Guardian, OrgangrinderBlog.

US newspaper readership rates have slipped another 10%, ytd. Not to worry. A new print journalism business model may have been discovered by Terminix, the pest control company. Turning "readership" into "R-Value," they are selling pesticide-soaked newsprint as building insulation, entombing, for posterity, an archive of the scant coverage given climate science over the last two decades. Just skip the reading, and send the papers right to the insulation factory. Balloon Boy gets full coverage on your thousand dollar TeeVee. The Terminix press release, Terminix Eco-Friendly Insulation Keeps Money in Your Pocket and Pests Out of Your Home, is here. It's hard to beat all the advantages cited.

Eco-conscious R-Plus Insulation is made from 85 percent recycled newsprint and is bonded, in a patented process, with boric acid that helps eliminate pests. R-Plus is an Energy Star-rated pest control insulation and is proven to have more effective sound-deadening ability than traditional fiberglass insulation. Homeowners who use it could be eligible for a federal tax credit of up to $1,500.
It's eco-conscious, mind you.

Less news, fewer headaches.
I am convinced the steady stream of bad climate news and political punditry disguised as fact discourages news reading. Newsprint between your walls not only saves energy, it brings that sound deadening peace we need to survive the denialist and anti-cap and trader rants. From NewsMax

It was found that air pollution was a risk factor for all types of headaches, with migraine being the type most consistently associated with individual air pollutants. This remained true in all pollutant-headache combinations analysed and these associations did not significantly change in analyses that accounted for the influence of age, gender or season.
When the newsprint runs out, maybe they can soak blog posts in boric acid.

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