Transformer Apartment Has Pre-Programmed Height-Adjustable Kitchen Surfaces

Swiss Army Knife Apartment photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

Kim has posted before on a "Lego-style" transformer apartment which adapts to different living needs. But Lego may not be the best analogy. After all, most transformer apartments we see don't need to be taken apart and rebuilt—but rather they are designed to be reconfigured according to functionality. In other words, they are more like a Swiss Army Knife.

That's the analogy used in Fair Companies latest video which tours a 550 square foot Chelsea apartment belonging to Rosa and Robert Garneau. Much like this elegant Japanese-inspired transformer apartment, the Garneau's space uses a sliding wall as a partition which also double up to visually screen the home office away from view. Key to the system's effectiveness is the fact they used seriously heavy duty industrial hardware and solid wood, so this truly feels like a wall, not a cheap door.

Sliding screen hardware photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

From storage above the ubiquitous Murphy Bed to a deep, walnut entrance closet with shelving for shoes, this former studio has been carefully thought out to make the most of the space.

Murphy Bed photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

In a sign that this is not your average, cobbled together studio conversion, the Garneau's main kitchen table is adjustable by height. The hydraulics that control that system are preprogrammed to adjust for different needs, including meals, cooking, and use as a standing and sitting desk. (With separate height settings for 5-foot-4-inch Rosa and 6-foot-4-inch Robert!)

I suspect you'd have to visit Graham Hill's LifeEdited apartment to see a comparable level of workmanship and luxury in a convertible space.

Transformer Apartment Has Pre-Programmed Height-Adjustable Kitchen Surfaces
From solid wood sliding walls to a table that is designed to adjust to pre-programmed heights depending on need, this Chelsea apartment is luxury living in a relatively small space.

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