Tracy Kendall Makes Wallpaper From Jigsaw Puzzles, Sequins

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Tracy Kendall makes wall coverings from sequins and jigsaw puzzles, cutlery and feathers. What a great way to recycle those old puzzles!

materials monday tracy kendall sequins photo

She writes:

My work is based on seeing interiors, sometimes my own, and translating elements of the interior into wallpaper which can then be re-introduced back into the room..... The bespoke range was started in 2000 with the sequin design inspired by 1920's flapper dresses.

'Tracy's work is moving in a new direction entirely,' says design historian Lesley Jackson, 'treating paper more like a textile, weaving it or creating 3-D effects by manipulating and involving the paper. That in its own right is completely new.'

In essence, wallpaper should be an enhancement to, and a confirmation of, the style and direction of an interior space. William Morris' 'Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful' statement is still as relevant today as 100 years ago...


The website is fun, too; a couple of walls that you fill with the wall covering of your choice. More at Tracy Kendall.

Found at Think: Material, launched at September's IIDEX /Neocon trade show . It is a collection of the latest "new and sustainable materials" from around the world, curated by materials consultant Jim Salazar.

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