Top Airline Executive Creates Tiny, "Treehouse" Home

tower treehouse executive home photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

A former president of Delta Airlines is not the first person you'd think of as a likely candidate to build a tiny, 200 square foot home in a grove of redwoods. But that's what Fred Reid —former president of Delta Airlines, CEO of Virgin America, president and CEO of Lufthansa and current president of Flexjet—did when he was looking for a retreat from his jet setting executive lifestyle.

Here, as part of Fair Companies' new tiny house documentary, architect Scott Constable of Wowhaus tours us around this tiny home designed around concept of the "luxury of the essential". While not technically a treehouse, the structure is elevated on towers and nestled so tight among the redwoods that it may as well be. (Constable says it would have been too tricky to built it as an actual treehouse.)

tower treehouse executive home 2 photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

Featuring no running water, and no electricity, this is definitely a simple home for simple tastes—and it's not the first time we've seen electricity-free homes being touted as a path to inner peace. Given it is described as Reid's "spiritual retreat", it seems a fair bet that he has a more conventional abode elsewhere. But either way, it's cool to see folks who have clearly achieved considerable financial and professional success expressing themselves through an embrace of the simple things in life.

With millions of people trying to escape the devastating health impacts of kerosene, I would question the choice of lighting—but otherwise this is a pretty beautiful, low impact retreat. Who knows, maybe it will even inspire Mr Reid to tackle the thorny environmental issues related to private and corporate jet ownership too...

Top Airline Executive Creates Tiny, "Treehouse" Home
A leading airline executive builds a tiny, rustic retreat with no electricity or running water.

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