Tired of Living on Earth? Build Your Own Island!


We couldn't make this stuff up: This man, Reishee Sowa of Puerto Aventuras, Mexico, apparently grew tired of trying to live self-sufficiently on dry land, and did what any of us would have done. He built his own island out of used pop bottles. 250,000 of them, plus some construction leftovers and bags of leaves, make up "his island," though he's quick to point out that it's technically not an island by traditional standards. "You see not even the president is allowed his own island in Mexico," he says, "but technically I don’t have an island, I have an eco space-creating ship."Granted, the idea may seem a bit wacky to some of you dear readers, and though it's not entirely practical on a global scale for each person to have their own island, we do admire his ingenuity and innovative spirit. Our earth is two-thirds water, after all.


But seriously, Reishee Sowa has done something pretty incredible, and he really has a passion for a better world. "We are being faced with a population explosion and maybe building islands is the answer. This island is an example of something that could be built worldwide. You could be totally self sufficient with it. All is as natural as possible. I catch rain water for showers, the toilet naturally composts, and you can grow your own produce," he says. While we aren't sure we'll be able to solve the world's problems by building floating islands from recycled pop bottles, it's the spirit of his work that we like best. He's able to live self-sufficiently in his own version of paradise, and that sounds pretty good to us. Thanks to Geoff for the tip! ::Playa Maya News

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