Tiny, Rundown Attic Space Becomes Stunning Rooftop Apartment

Rundown apartment view photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

From a tiny home inside an old sheep barn to a crappy apartment turned into incredible transformer home, Fair Companies have shown us how a little vision can turn some unappealing, small spaces into quite remarkable living arrangements.

This latest video is no exception, as we visit with John MacPeek—an American living in Barcelona who has created a beautiful rooftop apartment out of what could previously only be described as a dump.

Rundown apartment old photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

From multi-functional living spaces and an open-floor plan to tiny appliances, there are plenty of standard tiny house tricks going on here. But for me it's the careful attention to mood and atmosphere—and generous use of outdoor space—which turn this into something special.

Rundown apartment layout photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

Much like the tiny Montpellier garage which became a beautiful second home, the huge window which opens up onto a rooftop terrace and incredible views is a reminder that—in this location at least—living with less can truly mean living more. I would imagine a standard-sized apartment with views like this would be astronomically expensive.

What a smart man.

Tiny, Rundown Attic Space Becomes Stunning Rooftop Apartment
This Barcelona apartment shows that a little vision can create luxury in the unlikeliest of spaces.

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