Tiny modern seaside hut built on sled so that it moves with shifting sands

While most of the attention around the Architectural Review's House Awards has been going to John Lin's House for All Seasons, there are some interesting entries to be found among the Runners up and the Commended Entries. For example,

section© Crosson Clarke, Carnachan Architects
designed this lovely little seaside hut for a beach on the Coromandel Peninsula, on New Zealand’s North Island. It is on skids; evidently it is in an erosion control zone and all buildings must be moveable or removable. According to AR:

closed up© Jackie Meiring

The simple form and raw materials recall beachside artefacts such as a lifeguard observation tower or fishing hut. Mechanisms and fittings are unapologetically industrial, the structure gutsy and exposed. The holiday retreat, which can accommodate a family of five, is like a large cabinet, designed to close up against the elements when not in use. When shuttered, the rough macrocarpa cladding blends into the landscape....The jury liked the project’s modesty, economy and response to context.

So do I. More at the Architectural Review.

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