A tiny house built for just $320

a tiny house built from scrap photo
Video screen capture Happen Films

It might not be the fanciest tiny house that TreeHugger has ever featured, but it might just be the cheapest. Fashioned almost entirely from recycled and salvaged materials, this house was built by Liam Culbertson and Rachel Newby for just $420 dollars, including their gas money too. (I'm not entirely clear on if this is Australian or New Zealand dollars - but either way that comes out as somewhere between US$305 and US$320.)

Impressively, the couple set out to build this thing entirely by hand, although they did end up having to use a power drill and an impact driver. Still, as they say themselves, much of the value of an exercise like this is in gaining new skills and showing yourself that you can take care of many of your basic needs yourself.

Of course, a 67 square-foot house is not everyone's idea of a dream home. But the fact that it's built within an intentional community that includes common spaces means that Culbertson and Newby are really just needing some space for a little bit of privacy, quiet time and a place to sleep.

A tiny house built for just $320
And that includes gas money, apparently.

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