Tiny 325 Sq. Ft. "Cave" Apartment Sleeps Four

Barcelona apartment photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

I don't live in a tiny house. In fact, my wife would likely divorce me if I suggested it. And yet I am addicted to Fair Companies' videos of innovative tiny homes, from teens building mortgage-free houses on trailers to a tiny, electricity-free house designed to nurture inner peace.

Their latest video highlights a subterranean "cave" apartment in Barcelona's Gothic Quarter, put together by Monica Potvin and Markel Otaola during their child-free years out of a space formerly used by the apartment building's door lady. (The description of this as a true "cave apartment" seems a little like a stretch, especially when compared to these homes carved into a quarry that Fair Companies also videoed.)

cave apartment kitchen photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

True, as Potvin and Otaola's story suggests, these spaces are perhaps more suited for the young and the child-free (and/or for use as a second home), but from salvaged furniture to innovative storage to a reminder tto focus more on intelligent design and quality construction, there are lessons for all of us.

It's not about how much stuff or how many square feet you own. It's a question of how well your living space and your material possessions enable, rather than inhibit, the lifestyle you want to lead.

Tiny 325 Sq. Ft. "Cave" Apartment Sleeps Four
A small subterranean living space becomes a surprisingly luxurious urban dwelling.

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