Three Vases by Azcast: Orbit, Helix & Wing


We've admired Azcast's designs before, and really like the looks of their collection of vases. Like all Azcast products made from metal, they're hand-molded, hand-poured, and hand-finished from 100% recycled aluminum, making them ultimately recyclable themselves. The modern, polished Orbit (left), Helix (center) and Wing Vases (right) are all sand-cast in a 2,000 year-old process, from metal that might have been used to support the landing gear on a Boeing 727. The process, which begins with a pattern packed with wet sand and ends with a rough-surfaced product, yields a product that, in factory jargon, is called "as cast," which is what the company's name is derived from. Each piece is refined and polished by hand from there, and sure doesn't look like old airplane parts. The great thing about the molding process is that rejects are simply melted down and cast again. Due to the nature of the hand crafted manufacturing process, there are inherent irregularities which add to the character of the product, and make no two ever exactly alike. Azcast's work is available from their dealers across the US & Canada; lots more good stuff at their website. ::AZCAST