This Flooring Isn't Boring

Until you are renovating, floors are not something that one naturally thinks about. But should you start, you will discover that finding eco-friendly and good looking flooring has become a lot easier in the last while. Stonemats from the west coast of New Zealand are made of flat pebbles found on a beach. The stones are weathered and flattened as they tumble down the many rivers flowing from the Southern Alps to the Tasman Sea. The government allows the harvesting of the pebbles from one beach as long as they are collected manually with no machines involved. The mats are great as bath mats or paths. And they also look good as place mats on a table as well.

If stones aren't the answer, what about coconut or cinnamon bark? Little pieces of coconut shell or cinnamon bark are bonded together to create tiles with warm tones--and the faintest spice-market aroma. A strong and durable sisal mat or carpet always looks neutral and stylish. Or recycled leather floor tiles for a more luxurious look. For the garden, these outdoor rubber tiles, called Dal-lastic, are manufactured from 100% recycled rubber making them a sustainable alternative to timber decking. They are green (literally), slip-resistant and soft to walk on.

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