The Woods Company: Producer of Antique and Traditional Flooring

The Woods Company of Chalmbersburg Pennsylvania uses "Old buildings made of Oak, Chestnut, Heart Pine, and other historic woods" to produce wooden plank flooring that meets modern specifications. The buildings are dismantled and the lumber shipped to the mill. "There, it is de-nailed, resawn, and kiln dried. Our craftsmen then accurately grade and remill the lumber into plank flooring of superb quality and character". In fact, the sample photographs from The Woods Company are so appealing a few more are stacked for you below the fold. What fun to hear a friend or family member walk across such a floor, foot-falls drumming on two-hundred, maybe three-hundred, year old planks. Driving past the next fallen barn I see on my way across Pennsylvania, I'll wish Woods had been to the rescue. Best of all, The Woods Company is a classic "homesourced" business: raw materials and labor are local.