The New Bamboo: More Than Material, It's Art

bamboo art japan society photo
Image: Japan Society
A new exhibition shows that bamboo is anything but "poor man's timber" and can certainly be elevated to the elegance of sculptural art. The eloquent and complex forms of meshed and intertwined bamboo at the New Bamboo: Contemporary Japanese Masters show at New York's Japan Society are pushing the definition of this humble but versatile material. Now found in everything from furniture, architecture to clothing, bamboo has garnered interest as a rapidly renewable resource with over 1,000 recorded species — some of which grow up to 4 feet a day. As the world's first show to focus exclusively on bamboo as a sculptural medium in more than 90 works by 23 established and emerging bamboo sculptors, New Bamboo will provoke a new perspective on what bamboo is capable of.

Japan Society via Inhabitat
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