Teragen Bamboo Flooring, Panels and Veneer

Having begun a decade ago under the name Timbergrass, Teragren continue to manufacture competitively priced, sustainably harvested bamboo flooring and bamboo panels. Although a grass that can grow a foot (30.5cm) per day, bamboo has many of the qualities of a hardwood. The bamboo Teragren use, harvested after 5-6 years, is sourced at a fair market value from independent Chinese farmers, who are encouraged in resource stewardship. The laminating adhesives have formaldehyde levels 48 times lower than OSHA standards allow and 6.5 times lower than allowed by the more stringent German E1 standards. The coating materials are water-based, solvent-free, 100% solids. The Teragen factory is internationally certified for quality and environmental management. They even post their Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) online. Just recently they announced a self locking 'floating floor' product made from a combination of bamboo, rubber tree (Hevea) and FSC certified eucalypt. ::Teragren [by WM]