Teen Finishes 130 Sq. Ft. Mortgage-Free Home

Teen tiny house photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

Next time you hear someone complaining about today's youth, or moaning about a culture of entitlement, tell them the story of Austin Hay.

We already posted one video of Austin Hay's project to build a tiny house on wheels that he could take away to college. Now that house is complete, and it looks awesome.

From the three-sided bay windows around his desk to the hot water on demand showers, this is hardly the stuff of deprivation that some people ascribe to the tiny house movement. Instead, it's an exercise in learning what's enough space and enough stuff—and then optimizing your living space to enjoy it.

teen tiny house dorm photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

Austin has trimmed his wardrobe down to the bare minimum, he's reclaimed materials from the salvage yard and his own bedroom, and he's built the entirety of this 130 square foot home for $12,000 while creating only three trash cans full of waste! Add the composting toilet to the mix and his plans for building a solar cart for generating electricity, and this guy is pretty much living the model life of a TreeHugger.

Tiny house wagon photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

From a tiny cordwood house built for $2,500 to a portable 7'x12' tiny home, we've seen plenty of people choosing to downsize and simplify their living quarters. But Austin Hay's story is one of my favorites.

Given Lloyd's dark warnings that suburbia is back, I'm hoping more people get to hear the story of Austin Hay and his home on wheels.

Teen Finishes 130 Sq. Ft. Mortgage-Free Home
The story of Austin Hay's plan to build himself a home before he went to college has already gone viral. Now we get to see the finished product.

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