Tectan - Foiled Again

So pleased to discover that Tectan was still around. My little sample is a decade old and I was afraid they might have gone to an early grave, like so many great eco-design businesses that were ahead of their time. But very much alive and kicking. This most remarkable material is made solely from compressed foil-lined cartons, such as those for fruit juice and long-life UHT milk. The polyethylene lining of the cartons becomes the binder, holding the shredded aluminium foil and paperboard together. To repeat: no additives are used, just the cartons themselves! Brilliant. Obviously it would be preferable to have it make new cartons but until that day this is much better than them all heading to landfill. Originally available in flat sheets to become furniture and panelling, old German Tetrapaks can now become curvy injection moulded products, like these rubbish bins. ::Tectan