Swiss eco-resort is made from 15 geodesic domes

whitepod resort exterior
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Designboom shows the Whitepod Eco-luxury Hotel in the Swiss Alps, built out of some seriously luxe geodesic domes. They appear to be a form of tent dropped over a dome made out of pipes. Designboom writes:

Each pod is anchored to a wooden platform offering a furnished terrace in which to enjoy the views beyond. standard rooms are furnished with a king-sized bed, fully fitted bathroom with toilet and shower, wood burning stove, kettle and mezzanine floor where an additional single bed can be place; while the family room features the same amenities, its mezzanine has the capacity to hold two extra beds for young children. each pod can comfortably accommodate 2-4 individuals.

The green cover on the exterior appears to be an attempt at blending in with the surroundings; it is removed in winter, leaving a white exterior to the domes that blends in with the snow.

It looks like a lovely place, but I do wonder what that fabric is that the dome is made of, and worry about the safety of putting a wood burning stove so close to it. Another photo shows a sort of metallic shield behind it, which I would think is at least a minimum requirement. But even so, hotel rooms should be idiot proof and this certainly isn't.

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Swiss eco-resort is made from 15 geodesic domes
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