Sun Roof on Apple's New HQ May be One of US's Largest Solar Installations

We gave quite a bit of coverage to Apple’s proposed new Foster-designed corporate headquarters in Cupertino, California, when it was first announced. (See links below). The so called circular “Spaceship” HQ campus. Now more detail has come to light and 9to5Mac are reporting that almost the entire roof of the building will be photovoltaic solar panels.

Using new plans just released by Cupertino City Hall calculations have been made that 500,000 square feet of the Spaceship’s roof will be given over the PV panels, giving the company an estimated 5MW installation on the main ring building alone. The roof of separate parking structure sports another 32,000 sq feet of photovoltaic solar panels. 9to5Mac reckon all this solar power generation will give Apple one of the the biggest corporate photovoltaic roofs in the US, if not the globe.

Which should sit well with the asphalt reduction of 90%, tree increase of 60% and reducing the actual building footprint by about 30%.

We originally speculated that the “off-grid” aspect of the building’s plan might elude to a plan to use natural gas, but now it seems like at least some of that energy mix will come from the sun.

Plans at Cupertino City Hall, via MacDaily News and 9to5Mac

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Sun Roof on Apple's New HQ May be One of US's Largest Solar Installations
The Sun Roof on Apple's New Headquarters maybe one of the US's, and world's, biggest solar installations

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