Straw Bale Eco House at US Botanic Garden

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Last week, we noted the excellent Sustainable Schoolyards installation at the One Planet--Ours! Sustainability for the 22nd Century exhibit at the United States Botanic Garden, just a stone's throw from the Capitol in Washington, DC. The enlightening exhibition is showcasing a wide variety of garden and home-oriented solutions for sustainable living.

This week we'd like to highlight the very cute straw bale house, sponsored by Builders Without Borders. At 12 feet by 16 feet it's snug but solidly built for a mere $620. On the exterior, the bale walls are protected by a traditional lime plaster and a long-lasting standing-seam metal roof. Nearby is a bamboo shade structure and an adobe arch.

Builders Without Borders is an international network of ecological builders who advocate the use of straw, earth and other local, affordable materials in construction. As part of the One Planet-Ours! exhibition at the US Botanic Garden during the week of September 21- 27, 2008, Builders Without Borders will offer a free series of presentations and a hands-on strawbale workshop in the Washington D.C. region. Download info on the presentations here.

The One Planet installation is open and free to the public until October 13, 2008 at 100 Maryland Avenue, SW at the west side of the U.S. Capitol. We'll have more coverage of some of the best exhibits the installation next week. :: One Planet-Ours!
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