Reed Benches Have a Natural Simplicity of Beauty

There is a natural simplicity to these reed benches, made in the Netherlands, from the reed thing.

Designed by Steven Banken, the raw material is grown in a national park and left to die over the winter.

It's an age-old tradition: cutting the reeds and willow shoots down, and bundling them up before the winter comes. Historically, workers stayed for weeks in the National Park ‘Biesbosch’ during wintertime to do this work.

Noted at designboom, there is a simplicity to these benches. Banken envisions them as being used as outdoor seating in the summer. They can be longer or shorter, depending on how the reeds are cut.

Banken has taken advantage of this very raw and natural resource and made it into something beautiful. A simple stainless steel metal bracket holds the bunches of the reeds together.

The reeds and willow that remain spread naturally through out the park. They provide a good habitat for wildlife and birds and use as nesting material.

Reed Benches Have a Natural Simplicity of Beauty
Reeds are the raw material for these simple and majestic summer benches.

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