Time-lapse film of hotel made for stargazing (Video)

James FlorioJames Florio/Video screen capture

Light pollution is a major issue in cities where it obscures a clear view of the night sky. So no wonder in more remote places like Chile's Elqui Valley there would be a hotel dedicated exclusively for stargazing -- welcoming astronomy lovers with a collection of specially-designed cabins and geodesic dome structures. Check out this stunning time-lapse video of the Elqui Domos Hotel by American photographer James Florio, who put together over 23,000 photographs to create this:

LosDomos TimeLapse from Boppin Community on Vimeo.

James FlorioJames Florio/Video screen capture

Starting up in 2005, the hotel recently received a much-needed facelift in 2011 from Santiago-based firm RDM Arquitectura, which added a series of wooden cabins outfitted with huge skylights that allows you to see the sky while lying down in bed. The architects explain on ArchDaily:

To refashion the existing rooms, we emphasized the role of the terrace as main living area, and highlighted a specific sense of lightness – usually found in textile architecture – by placing the cabins’ volumes barely sitting on the land, reminiscent of foreign artifacts used for sleeping, dominating the landscape, or staring at the stars.

And yes, each room comes with its own telescope for guests. More over at the Elqui Domos Hotel's website, ArchDaily.

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