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Squak Mountain Stone is "A Fibrous-cement material comprised of recycled paper, recycled glass, and low-carbon cement. Material is hand-cast into "slabs" as an alternative to natural or quarried stone. Resembles soapstone or limestones."

It also has an interesting story.


Popular Mechanics

When Ameé Quiriconi was in University finishing her Masters degree, she was given an assignment based on Michael Shuman's book Going Local: Creating Self-Reliant Communities in a Global Age, where she had to develop a local substitute for a product that was usually imported. She came up with Squak Mountain Stone, and turned it into a business. Paradoxically, she now sells it across the country.

Popular Mechanics explains:

Quiriconi started with paper that couldn't be recycled because it was crosscut by shredders, then added portland cement, crushed glass and coal fly ash from an electric plant in her home state of Washington. After stirring, grinding and polishing samples for 18 months, she hit upon a way to make the hand-cast slabs rock hard. Squak Mountain Stone is beautiful, but that's not the best part. "I'm making this product from nowhere," she says. "It's a recycled material that replaces real stones that have to be quarried out of mountains." Installation can be done by skilled DIYers.

Kristen mat Amee and interviewed her in Trinity Glass - A Merger for Beautiful Countertops

More at Squak Mountain Stone; Found at Think: Material, launched at September's IIDEX /Neocon trade show . It is a collection of the latest "new and sustainable materials" from around the world, curated by materials consultant Jim Salazar.

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